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INFORM News Media Summit is APAC’s annual gathering of the leading minds in news media. It's an essential event for advertising and media professionals either working with, or within, news media brands. The new-look 2018 News Media Awards recognise excellence in the people, the products, the purpose and performance of news media brands from the past year.

NewsMediaWorks has developed a world-first partnership with Standard Media Index (SMI) to enhance commercial transparency of the Australian news media sector for advertisers and investors. The quarterly News Media Index for advertising revenue – powered by SMI reveals all print and digital revenue, as well as whole-of-industry revenue.

Using emma and various other research data, we produce a range of weekly audience insights and infographics, covering key advertiser verticals and newspaper media readership. In addition, The Works is our quarterly report on newspapers and their audiences, full of useful readership insights covering print and digital, as well as special features.

Our in-demand creative benchmarking service, ADvance, tests print creative and scores it against industry norms.

Keep up to date with our regular case studies that demonstrates the effectiveness of advertising in newspaper media.

emma (Enhanced Media Metrics Australia) is Australia’s cross-platform audience insights survey which provides readership data for more than 600 newspapers and magazines.

Buy on Platform is a simplified, end-to-end private exchange for the buying of print media through one easy-to-use website. Member restricted.

Influence is an inherent characteristic of newspaper media. Every effective and meaningful campaign, whether editorial or advertising, needs influencers to drive trust, belief and action. Each week we will profile a new story. Discover them here.

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