120 titles added to Newspaper Locator

More than 120 newspapers have been added to the Newspaper Locator – a new interactive map that plots the all mastheads within TV broadcast areas.

The site has been designed by The Newspaper Works to help media agencies find regional and suburban publications when planning a media campaign.

Media agency planners have told the industry they often base their plans on TV broadcast areas and struggle to identified the appropriate newspapers for local marketing campaigns.

Many of the new additions to the Newspaper Locator come from members of Country Press Associations covering Victoria and South Australia.

The new titles include those from Victoria’s Star News Group and MMP (now owned by Fairfax Media), plus additional Fairfax and Independent titles in NSW, South Australia and Queensland.

There are now 613 newspapers on the Locator.

Each entry features readership and circulation data, contact details, distribution by postcode and an example of a front page.

Information for each newspaper can be downloaded into an Excel spreadsheet that can be included in a media-buying plan.

CEO of The Newspaper Works, Mark Hollands, said: “We have been delighted at the response of the Locator. The average time spent on the site is more than seven minutes, which indicates users are finding valuable information.

“At least two media agencies have scraped the data – that is, downloaded all our data and put it into their own systems. That’s fine. They’re welcome to do that, but we continue to add new publications to the site.”

Mr Hollands said the goal of the Locator was to help the process of buying newspaper advertising as simple as possible, especially for regional and local newspapers.

To learn more about the Newspaper Locator, visit newsmediaworks.com.au/newspaper-locator.

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