2013 Walkley finalists

Finalists in the Walkley Awards for Excellence in Journalism were announced at simultaneous events in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane last week.

This year marks the 58th annual Walkley Awards. Journalists around the nation submitted 1335 entries, judged by more than 100 senior industry representatives.

Walkley Advisory Board chair Laurie Oakes said it was clear that, despite significant changes taking place in the media industry, the standard of Australian journalism remained as high as ever: “We congratulate all the 2013 finalists,” he said.

“The quality and breadth of the work that came before the Walkley Advisory Board for final judging can only inspire great optimism about the future of journalism in this country.

“Excellent journalism is not confined to major media outlets but is being produced across the board, as the list of finalists shows.”

Award winners will be announced on November 28 at a gala dinner at the Royal International Convention Centre in Brisbane. The awards are presented with the support of Tourism and Events Queensland and hosted by Emma Alberici, of ABC Lateline.

Full list of finalists:

Print/Text News Report

Josh Massoud, James Hooper and Rebecca Wilson, The Daily Telegraph, “Rotergate”, “Peptide ‘link’ to NRL star’s death”,
“Dressing shed jabs”
Kate McClymont, The Sydney Morning Herald, “Obeid’s shopping centre windfall”, “Eddie Obeid’s diaries”, “ICAC: The hit series”
Nick McKenzie and Richard Baker, The Age, “Airport in grip of drug trade”, “Smuggled guns/When good guys go bad”,
“Bikies infiltrate police/With friends like these”

All Media Social Equity Journalism

Tanya Denning and the NITV team, NITV, “CQ: Who should tell Indigenous stories?” “NITV News, ‘Wave Rock’”, “Awaken, ‘Cape York’”
Steve Pennells, The West Australian, “Untold crisis”, “Crippled by torture, yet still defiant”, “General’s plea for assistance a fitting epitaph”
Sarah Whyte and Ben Doherty, The Sydney Morning Herald, “Don’t abandon us: Bangladeshis”, “Right now we have nothing”, “Kmart is ready to unpick veil of secrecy that shrouds its network of garment factories”

All Media Multimedia Storytelling

Patrick Abboud, The Feed, SBS, “Tagging the Taliban”
Katharine Viner, Lee Glendinning and Madhvi Pankhania, Guardian Australia, “Firestorm”
Tony Walters, Nicky Phillips, Francisca Sallato and Andrew Forbes, The Sydney Morning Herald, “Bone city unmasked”

Photo of the Year

Winner: Barat Ali Batoor, The Global Mail, “The first day at sea”

All Media Headline Journalism

Michael Evans, The Sydney Morning Herald, “Bomb Alaska!”, “Six degrees of devastation”, “An officer, if not quite a gentleman”
Adrian Nesbitt, Herald Sun app, “Easy, rider”, “The long kick goodnight”, “Caucus interruptus”
Rita Williams, The Sydney Morning Herald, “Pell defends confessional silence over sins of the father”, “Road to riches paved with good incisions”, “Diaz and confused: Candidate misses the points”

All Media Coverage of Indigenous Affairs

Tanya Denning and the NITV team, NITV, “CQ: Who should tell Indigenous stories?”, “NITV News, Wave Rock”, “Awaken,
Cape York” Fiona Harari, Good Weekend, Fairfax Media, “Growing them up”
Kathy Marks, Griffith Review, “Channelling Mannalargenna”

All Media Coverage of Community and Regional Affairs

Joanne McCarthy, Ian Kirkwood, Jason Gordon and Chad Watson, Newcastle Herald, “Shine the light”
Donna Page, Darren Pateman and Matt Carr, Newcastle Herald, “What on earth”, “Concrete creek”, “Slap on the wrist”
Mandy Squires, Geelong Advertiser, “In my skin: Fitting in”, “In my skin: Too much too soon”, “In my skin: Pimples and

All Media Sports Journalism

Damian Barrett, NineMSN, Nine News, Triple M, “Essendon Football Club scandal”
Quentin McDermott, Clay Hitchens and Lorna Knowles, Four Corners, ABC TV, “The world according to Lance”
Caro Meldrum-Hanna, 7.30, ABC TV, “The Essendon files”, “Demons in damage control, “The Cronulla files”

Sport Photography

Wolter Peeters, Fairfax Media, “2013 Sydney International Rowing Regatta”
Quinn Rooney, Getty Images, “Australian Swimming Championships”
Cameron Spencer, Getty Images, “The World Athletics Championships”

Radio/Audio News and Current Affairs Journalism

Jon Faine, Daniel Ziffer, Rebecca Ritters and Ashlynne McGhee, 774 ABC Radio, “Police officer, accused for a decade of
murdering gangland informants, comes clean”
Stephen McDonell, PM, ABC Radio, “Covert Chinese media”
Neil Mitchell, Radio 3AW, “The Ford scoop”

Radio/Audio Documentary, Feature, Podcast or Special

Sarah Dingle, Background Briefing, Radio National, “The family trap”, “Some home truths about child abuse”
Jemima Garrett, Chris Bullock and Linda McGinness, Background Briefing, Radio National, “PNG land scandal”
Manpreet Kaur Singh, SBS Radio Punjabi Program, SBS, “The enemy within”

Print/Text Feature Writing Long (Over 4000 words)

Melissa Lucashenko, Griffith REVIEW 41, “Sinking below sight: Down and out in Brisbane and Logan”
Mark Whittaker, Good Weekend, Fairfax Media, “Did she do it?”
Pamela Williams, The Australian Financial Review, “Killing Julia: How Kevin Rudd got even”

All Media Scoop of the Year

Trevor Bormann and Vivien Altman, Foreign Correspondent, ABC TV, “Prisoner X – The Australian connection”
James Campbell, Herald Sun, “Secret tapes bombshell: Police crisis rocks government”
Caro Meldrum-Hanna, 7.30, ABC TV, “Steve Dank speaks: The interview”, “Demons in damage control”, “Alarming
revelations about the Cronulla Sharks supplements scandal”

All Media Cartoon

Mark Knight, Herald Sun, “Kevin’s same sex marriage”
Bill Leak, The Australian, “Change we can believe in”
Cathy Wilcox, The Sydney Morning Herald, “Kevin cleans up”.

All Media Artwork

Pat Campbell, The Canberra Times, “Glimmer of hope”
Andrew Dyson, The Age, “Doghouse”
Matt Golding, The Age, “An American birthright”

All Media Coverage of a Major News Event or Issue

Richard Baker and The Age team, The Age, “Essendon drug scandal”
John Bruce and the Lateline team, Lateline, ABC TV, “Body of evidence”
James Campbell, Matt Johnston, Michelle Ainsworth, Annika Smethurst and Mitchell Toy, Herald Sun, “Secret tapes
bombshell: Police crisis rocks government”

Print/Text Feature Writing Short (under 4000 words)

Greg Bearup, The Weekend Australian Magazine, “High alert”
Patrick Carlyon, Herald Sun, “Medic! Medic! Medic! Medic!”
Sarah Crawford, NT News, “Welcome to the real block”

News Photography

Kate Geraghty, Fairfax Media, “Asylum”
Chris McGrath, Getty Images, “King Norodom Sihanouk”
Colin Murty, News Corp Australia, “Final journey”

All Media Business Journalism

James Chessell and Ben Holgate, The Australian Financial Review, “10 ways to kill a network”
Adele Ferguson and Chris Vedalago, The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald, “Profit above all else: How CBA lost savings
and hid its tracks”, “Targets, bonuses, trips: Inside the CBA boiler room”, “Senate to launch inquiry into ASIC”
Gerard Ryle and Kimberley Porteous, icij.org, “Secret files expose offshore’s global impact”, “ICIJ releases offshore leaks
database revealing names behind secret companies, trusts”, “Release of offshore records draws worldwide response”

Feature/Photographic Essay

Barat Ali Batoor, The Global Mail, “Hazara exodus”
Ed Giles, Getty Images, “The overthrow of Egypt’s President Morsi”
Steve Tickner, The Irrawaddy News Group, “KIA under siege by the Burmese Army”

All Media International Journalism

Michael Bachelard, Good Weekend, Fairfax Media, “They’re taking our children”
Amanda Hodge, The Weekend Australian Magazine, The Weekend Australian and The Australian, “No place called home”,
“Taliban shadow on a gangster’s paradise in Pakistan”, “Indian rape family speaks out for justice”
Stephen McDonell and the ABC Beijing team, 7.30, PM, Foreign Correspondent, ABC TV and Radio, “Sneaking into Tibet”,
“Covert Chinese media”, “The other China boom”

All Media Camerawork

Aaron Lewis, Dateline, SBS TV, “The greatest gathering”
Mathew Marsic, Foreign Correspondent, ABC TV, “Ibrahim’s war”
Tim Noonan, Sunday Night, Seven Network, “Shipbreakers”, “Surrogacy”, “Jackson’s story”

TV/AV News Reporting

John Hill, Ten News, Network Ten, “Marginal VTR”, “Local VTR”, “Diaz all-in”
Robert Ovadia and Paula Doneman, Seven News, Seven Network, “Who are the Jedi?”, “Allegations of drug use”, “Police
vs army: The cover-up”
David Speers and Kieran Gilbert, Sky News, “Labor leadership challenge”

TV/AV Daily Current Affairs

Chris Allen and Aaron O’Brien, A Current Affair, Nine Network, “Drug granny”
Tracy Grimshaw, A Current Affair, Nine Network, “2Day FM DJs scandal”
Suzanne Smith, John Bruce, Tony Jones, Michael Doyle and Brant Cumming, Lateline, ABC TV, “The tipping point”

TV/AV Weekly Current Affairs

Trevor Bormann and Vivien Altman, Foreign Correspondent, ABC TV, “Prisoner X – the Australian connection”, “Prisoner
X – the secret”
Matthew Brown, Foreign Correspondent, ABC TV, “Ibrahim’s war”
Quentin McDermott, Clay Hitchens and Lorna Knowles, Four Corners, ABC TV, “The world according to Lance”

All Media Investigative Journalism

Trevor Bormann and Vivien Altman, Foreign Correspondent, ABC TV, “Prisoner X – the Australian connection”, “Prisoner
X – the secret”
Joanne McCarthy, Newcastle Herald, “Shine the light”
Nick McKenzie and Richard Baker, The Age, “Airport in grip of drug trade”, “Smuggled guns”, “Bikies infiltrate police”

All Media Interview

Jenny Brockie, Insight, SBS TV, “Young mob”
John Hill, Ten News, Network Ten, “Diaz interview”
Caro Meldrum-Hanna, 7.30, ABC TV, “Steve Dank breaks his silence”

All Media Commentary, Analysis, Opinion & Critique

Katharine Murphy, Guardian Australia, “Julia Gillard: Where did it all go wrong?”, “Tony Abbott has another rival in the toughest race of his life – himself”, “Tony Abbott keeps the Catholic faith, quietly”
John Silvester, The Age, “Read all about it”, “Peppery saga brings sniffing salts to mind”, “Public are fickle when judging a
victim’s worth”
Caroline Wilson, The Age, “Would you want your son playing in the AFL?”, “Right thing for Hird to do is step down”,
“Blind pride drove coach’s denial and the bodies piled up”

Walkley Documentary Award Shortlist

Martin Butler and Bentley Dean, Contact Films, ABC TV, First Footprints
Heather Kirkpatrick, Mary Meets Mohammed
Haydn Keenan and Gai Steele, Smart St Films, Persons of Interest

Walkley Book Award Longlist

James Button, Speechless: A Year in my Father’s Business, Melbourne University Press
John Garnaut, The Rise and Fall of the House of Bo, Penguin
Paul Ham, Sandakan, Random House
Belinda Hawkins, Every Parent’s Nightmare, Allen & Unwin
Anna Krien, Night Games, Black Inc
Colleen Ryan, Fairfax: The Rise and Fall, Melbourne University Press
Jill Stark, High Sobriety, Scribe
Mark Willacy, Fukushima, Pan Macmillan
Pamela Williams, Killing Fairfax, Harper Collins

Press Photographer of the Year

Brian Cassey, The Weekend Australian, The Global Mail, The Courier-Mail and AAP
Kate Geraghty, Fairfax Media
Quinn Rooney, Getty Images

To view finalists’ work, click here.

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