Daily Mail, The Guardian back in Nielsen top five

Yahoo7 News’ unique audience has dropped from 3.13 million to 2.9 million between April and May, allowing the Daily Mail and The Guardian back into the top five in the latest Nielsen Digital Ratings.

The drop in audience by Yahoo7 pushed it from fourth to seventh place.

Both The Guardian and Daily Mail had modest audience gains.

The Guardian jumped from seventh to fifth place as its audience grew from 3.03 million to 3.09 million. The Guardian last held fifth place in February.

The Daily Mail hopped from fifth to fourth place as its audience grew from 3.11 million to 3.17 million. It last held fourth place in March.

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Meanwhile, the big three – news.com.au, smh.com.au and ABC News Websites – continue to dominate the top three positions.

Number two site smh.com.au has made gains on news.com.au, increasing its audience from 4.78 million to 5.1 million as news.com.au fell from 5.79 million to 5.49 million.

News did however increase its page view per person from 44 to 51, while smh.com.au remained state.

The Herald Sun leapfrogged The Age, jumping from ninth to eight position.

Name Unique Audience (000) Page Views Per Person Sessions Per Person Time Per Person (hh:mm:ss)
news.com.au 5494 51 12 01:09:18
smh.com.au 5102 27 10 00:56:18
ABC News Websites 4635 21 8 00:23:28
Daily Mail Australia 3173 22 9 00:36:09
The Guardian 3091 13 9 00:31:27
ninemsn News Websites 3074 18 9 00:19:44
Yahoo7 News Websites 2897 11 7 00:11:35
Herald Sun 2769 24 9 00:45:09
The Age 2638 37 12 00:51:28
BBC 2543 27 10 00:42:0

Source: Nielsen Digital Ratings (Monthly) – May 2016

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