A message from Peter Netchaef – Executive Director, Environment

Newspaper and magazine publishers have emphasized their long standing commitment and contribution to Product Stewardship and the Circular Economy by releasing a new, short and sharp video explaining the lifecycle aspects of modern print media in Australia.

The video shows all the individual components of newsprint production and how they fit into a never ending sustainable cycle. Starting with sustainably grown plantation forests, the use of inks so safe they meet the standard for use on children’s toys and ending with the recovery of newspapers and magazines to make new newsprint, the video demonstrates how Australia has become one of the worlds’ best at sustainable newspaper production.

The video follows on from the launch of our very successful “Be Part of the Chain” campaign last year which encouraged Australian’s to continue their efforts to be part of the newspaper and magazine recycling chain. It attracted international interest, and many wanted to know more about the link between “The Chain”, the circular economy and how to continue to improve.

You can watch the video below. Additionally, throughout this section of our website you’ll find many interesting facts, figures and initiatives in our industry.

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