AAMI’s Crater Of Success

How a topical ad for AAMI, which ran just once, helped build the brand and encourage re-appraisal.

AAMI’s topical ad in response to a roadside crater appearing in Bellevue Hill Sydney in May of this year, provided us with an opportunity to test it as part of our June/July creative benchmarking study.AAMI

This ad is a testament to the power of topical advertising in newspapers to successfully reinforce previous AAMI advertising to help build the brand, as well as work powerfully to support its TV activity.

Capitalising on the event, which was widely report in newspapers and other media, also impacted positively on brand values and generated reappraisal for the AAMI brand, showing strong results against all main measures.

Download an Executive Summary or Powerpoint presentation of AAMI’s results below.

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