Ad blocking unleashed

Ad blocking unleashed

Global industry body WAN-IFRA has called on all newspaper publishers to join forces to fight back against ad blocking.

The move has been prompted by a huge spike in the download of the software prompted by Apple’s decision earlier this month to allow its mobile Safari browser to run ad-blockers.

The bottom line damage to the global newspaper industry is difficult to quantify although a report by Page Fair / Adobe suggests it is more than $US20 million and will nearly double in the next 12 months.

This is an issue not just for publishers large and small but also media agencies and advertisers seeking an increasing elusive digital audience.

Perhaps most controversially, WAN-IFRA has called on publishers to work together to improve the standard of digital advertising to encourage readers to dump ad-blockers.

This week, The Newspaper Works has taken a first-glance at this complex issue. We feature:

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