Ad effectiveness in sights of IAB taskforce

Ad effectiveness in sights of IAB taskforce

News publishers have joined a taskforce to investigate a broad range of digital-based advertising effectiveness measures.

News Corp Australia and Fairfax Media are now members of an IAB group, called the Viewability Taskforce, which was established several months ago to develop a consistent definition around whether ads had been seen by users and for how long.

The taskforce is currently working on a whitepaper to be release in November. It plans to expand its focus beyond viewability over the next few months.

Other members of the taskforce include Yahoo!7, Google, Nine, Telstra, Moat and OMD.

Viewability refers to the “opportunity to see” placements, rather than engagement or click-throughs.

In January, Australia’s largest media agency holding company GroupM announced it would ensure digital display and video ads must be 100 per cent in view of the user, or the advertiser would not pay.

Nine publishers, including Fairfax and News Corp, signed up to the guarantee, which is double the industry standard that had been set by the IAB only a few months earlier.

The IAB standard stipulates that for an ad to be considered viewable on mobile or desktop it must have:

  • 50 per cent of pixels in view for 2sec for display video ads
  • 50 per cent of pixels in view for 1sec for display ads
  • 30 per per of pixels in view for 1sec for large display ads formats

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