Ads offer rewarding experience

Insurance brand NRMA and banking giant ANZ promote product features and services that reward customers to stand out from the competition, writes TANYA SHINN.

In this ADvance creative benchmarking study, we see how ANZ and NRMA ad designers have tried to capture reader attention by focusing their advertising on promoting product features and services that reward customers. The results show highlighting product benefits in a print ad increases stand-out and encourages readers to think positively about the brands.

ANZ Execution ADVANCE_ANZ & NRMA_ANZ SINGLE The ANZ execution focuses on promoting its Rewards Travel Adventures credit card, rewarding customers with a complimentary return domestic flight each year. The creative is bright and simple using ANZ’s traditional blue. The headline is the hero of the ad, utilising a double-meaning designed to peak interest. The ad features minimal copy but a clear call-to-action pointing prospective customers to the brand’s website.

NRMA Execution ADVANCE_ANZ & NRMA_NRMA SINGLE In this execution, NRMA targets small businesses with an offer of free legal and tax advice for new and existing customers. A continuation of the ‘NRMADE Better’ positioning, the ad uses a humorous image, supported by a clever headline and succinct copy to frame the offer. The ad also displays clear call-to-action information, tag line and branding.

Strategic RoleMap

Six strategic advertising roles of newspapers have been validated both qualitatively and quantitatively by NewsMediaWorks, resulting in the creation of RoleMap. For more information on this map, click here. ADVANCE_BWS_CHARTS

Both ads encouraged readers to think more positively about brands. Some 19 per cent of readers said the ANZ ad gave them a good feeling about the brand with 15 per cent saying the same of the NRMA ad (vs. the all newspaper norm of 9%).

“It makes me feel like [NRMA] cares about helping their customers out.”

Brand (Re)Appraisal is the result of advertising that surprises and challenges people by presenting the brand or an issue in an unexpected way. Telling readers about important benefits can prompt them to think differently about a brand.

Discovering ANZ travel rewards, offering customers benefits for signing-up, resulted in many readers thinking differently about ANZ. One in five consumers (18%) who viewed the ad said it encouraged them to think differently about ANZ. Some 14 per cent said the same of the NRMA ad (vs. the all newspaper norm of 8%).

“ANZ promoting something new such as flight points, encourages me you to apply for ANZ services.”

The ANZ execution also performed excellently in encouraging action. One in four said the ad gave them a reason to buy or find out more about the offer. The NRMA ad was well received in the ‘Information’ category with 25 per cent of readers saying the ad gave them fresh information about NRMA.

“I thought NRMA only offered car and home insurance, so it was interesting to see it has more to offer.”


Newspapers are recognised as an effective medium for delivering a Call to Action. ActionMap, another proprietary newspaper metric, expands on this strategic role to provide an understanding of the types of action a newspaper ad inspires. For more information on ActionMap, click here. ADVANCE_BWS_CHARTS

The ANZ ad scored well in terms of memorability with one in five (18%) saying they would remember each execution for later (vs. 13% newspaper norm). A slightly higher percentage (20%) said they would go online for further information. The intention to search online is twice the norm, with the website prominently featured in the ad.

Direct, enticing offer, makes me want to find out more.”

NRMA’s execution increased consideration, indexing two-times above the norm for encouraging respondents to seek more detail over the phone.

Brand Perceptions ADVANCE_BWS_CHARTS

Both ads scored above normal in lifting brand perceptions. NRMA performed excellently in increasing familiarity with the brand (48%). More than half of respondents said the ad made NRMA seem different from other insurance provides (52% vs. 25% average).

“This is totally different to what other insurance companies are offering.” 

“I have not seen similar ad before.”

Some 42 per cent of respondents thought the ANZ ad improved brand familiarity and made the brand seem different to banking rivals. It compares favourably with other ads as the others don’t give you something for nothing.”  

Creative Diagnostics ADVANCE_BWS_CHARTS

The NRMA significantly outperformed other print ads in catching the readers’ eye (35% vs. 24% average).

Eye catching, makes you want to see what it’s about.”

The amusing image encouraged two in five (37%) of readers to stop and read more. Some 34 per cent say the NRMA ad looks good.

Its funny picture which grabs your attention and the bold writing highlights what is on offer.”

“The photo work was clever and made the reader look at the message.”

The ANZ ad excelled in highlighting important features (38% vs. 27% average). The evocative headline encouraged one in five (26%) readers to stop and read more, while one in three (34%) said the ad made it easy to see what was on offer.

“The tag line gets you in. Having the word ‘Pointless’ in bold print is clever as it has two meanings.”


Highlighting product features that offer genuine benefits is powerful tactic to hook prospective customers. ANZ and NRMA approached rewards-focused advertising in different ways yet achieved similar results by encouraging readers to think differently about the brands.



ANZ’s minimal copy and a clear offer lifted affinity and increased standout. With the right balance of colour, space, information and a strong headline, the ad improved familiarity with the brand as well as encouraging web-search to find out more about the offer.

NRMA NRMA’s clever concept and humorous imagery caught readers’ attention and helped the brand stand out from competitors. Supported by just the right amount of detail, the ad delivered increased brand awareness, encouraged (Re)Appraisal and lifted affinity.



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