Advertisers miss social media mark

Advertisers miss social media mark

Advertisers overestimate the social media usage of the average Australian, according to new research from ThinkTV.

And astonishingly, some of the AdLand estimates have been overestimated by over 300 per cent on a site-by-site basis.

Facebook and YouTube were overestimated in double digits – at 27 per cent and 54 per cent a piece – while the most over-represented were Twitter and Buzzfeed, with advertisers off the mark by 308 per cent and 357 per cent respective.Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 8.35.56 am

Key findings showed that industry professionals had a larger digital presence and much higher media consumption than those outside. This lifestyle is what researchers believe skewed AdLand’s view of the general public.

Chief executive of ThinkTV, Kim Portrate, said that the results supported the presence of online ‘echo chambers’.

“We all know that in the world of marketing, media and advertising, we live in a bit of a bubble. AdNation 2017 pops this bubble and allows us to have a good laugh at ourselves.

“But it also makes a serious point. Knowing what people like, feel and do is critical to our success when it comes to growing brands. But we also know that our own preferences can lead to projection bias, which ultimately impacts on the spending decisions we make about media,” Ms Portrate said.

Professor Karen Nelson-Field was commissioned by ThinkTV to conduct the study. Over 2,500 people were surveyed, including 1,600 advertisers.

Interestingly, the research also found that AdLanders are more likely to prefer lamb as their favourite barbeque meat. Sam Kekovich will be delighted!

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