Advertising by refrigeration & air conditioning services tradies

It is mandatory requirement for Refrigerant Trading Authorisation holders to display their licence number in any advertising material.

This aspect of the Ozone Protection and Synthetic Greenhouse Gas Management Regulations 1995 ensures consumers can make informed decisions and engage an authorised business or a licensed person to carry out air conditioning and refrigeration services.

Refrigeration Trading Authorisation (RTA) numbers are prefixed by the letters “AU” and Refrigeration Handling Licence (RHL) numbers are prefixed by the letter “L”.

The RTA number must be included in advertising when a person or business can provide a service which is permitted under the RTA, including acquisition, disposal, storage, use or handling of fluorocarbon based refrigerant.   The following list identifies some of the businesses affected, but is not exhaustive:

  • refrigeration and air conditioning such as manufacture, installation and service of any type of commercial, industrial or domestic refrigerator, freezer or air conditioner;
  • automotive such as air conditioning manufacture, installation and service, smash repairer or parts recycling/wrecking;
  • demolition
  • metal recycling; and
  • refrigerant wholesalers and retailers.

RTA number placement and size should be considered in the context of the advertising and be easily located and clearly visible to the consumer.

In cases where a business has two or more branches and where individual branches do not hold an RTA, the parent RTA number must be placed in all advertising material.

In cases where a business has two or more branches and where individual branches hold their own RTA, the branch RTA number must be placed in their advertisements.

Holders of a Refrigerant Handling Licence (RHL) who are not employed or hired by the holder of an RTA must include their licence number in any advertisements for work carried out under their licence.

Both the licence and the ARCtick of approval help identify businesses and technicians that are complying with the law.  The lack of these numbers helps the regulator more easily distinguish unauthorised businesses and technicians from properly licensed or authorised businesses.