Affinity advertising gives people a good feeling about a brand, store, issue or cause.

Affinity advertising establishes emotional connections by mirroring the values or aspirations of readers.

How consumers respond

Affinity advertising brings consumers closer to your brand by eliciting instinctive reactions that create personal identification or a sense of belonging.

The four ads below all connect strongly with consumers, for quite different reasons.

Both Mars and Kit Kat use a straightforward approach using the strength of their brand and pack recognition to deliver their respective messages, and in the process give people a good feeling about their brands.

However lesser known or new brands, such as Abbott’s Village Bakery, using back-to-basics heritage cues, connect pwerfully with consumers, while long standing brands such as Dairy Farmers can use a quite simple and direct approach in line with its traditional values to build a new variant.

All four ads perform significantly above the All Newspaper Norm, demonstrating how both established and new advertisers can effectively connect emotional with consumers.

Why put it in a newspaper?

Readers have highly personal relationships with newspapers, with the act of reading newspapers often described as being ‘my space’*.  As a result, newspapers provide the ideal platform for advertisers who increasingly want to communicate ideas in more personal ways.

Newspapers have their own distinct identities and offer a range of sections that reflect the passions and interests of readers.  Advertising can tap into a reader’s mindset and thought processes through relevant environments when they’re actively searching for information.

Learn more about Role Map, one of The Newspaper Works’ proprietary measures.

* Refer to Newspapers Today.

Download the presentation below on the strategic role of Affinity, including Role Map measures for newspaper ads featured in this article.

Case Studies

Like to know how other advertisers have applied this strategic role to newspaper advertising? View the case studies below.

Samsung U700 Mobile (AU): Placement in the Fashion & Entertainment section of the newspaper helped trend setter consumers bond with the stylish mobile handset.

Colonial First State (AU): Newspapers were the main vehicle used to promote sponsorship of the Sports Performer Awards, where they aligned their values to those of highly performing athletes who strive for competitive excellence.

Felix Cat Food (UK): Cheeky, loveable newspaper ads helped consumers build an emotional link with Felix, saving the product from being de-listed.