AFR can’t kick the habit

AFR can’t kick the habit

A multi-million-dollar campaign that revives a decade-old marketing message has been launched to drive subscriptions for The Australian Financial Review.

The graphic-based campaign officially kicked off on Monday with a bellyband wrap around the paper and ad placements across It will extend to outdoor ads at airports, on street furniture and public transport.

It is also deploying location-sensitive messaging, such as, “For drivers of the economy”, which will feature on roadside ads. Another example – “The best are already on board” will be seen in airports. And for its print editions, ads will say, “Never find yourself on the wrong page”.

Director of Customer Marketing and Growth Michael Laxton predicted a 10 per cent rise in subscribers before the end of the year and said the campaign would run next year.

AFR’s ‘habit’ tag originally launched in 2005. Its reintroduction replaces “Know you Know”, which had three months in market last year.

Editor-in-chief Michael Stutchbury said the “habit” tagline encapsulated the essence of the publication. “It provides a rallying call to subscribe and reaffirms the Financial Review’s position as Australia’s premier destination for business and finance journalism,” he said.

The campaign features the blue pallet often associated with the newspaper.

Mr Laxton said this was designed “so whenever you see that blue in market you will think of The Fin Review”.

Campaign-branded coffee cups in the Sydney CBD will be distributed in mid-November as part of the campaign.

The trade marketing campaign will feature on public transport.

The trade marketing campaign will feature on public transport.

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