AFR website in ‘ground-up redesign’

AFR website in ‘ground-up redesign’

The Australian Financial Review launched its new website this week, with a new design intended to make it easier for mobile users to access the paper’s content.

“This is a process that involved a lot of customer interaction, starting from an extensive survey, one -on-one user testing and various iterations of the site that had been given to customers,” the paper’s digital editor Ben Woodhead told The Newspaper Works.

With a cleaner design that makes better use of images, the new website is a ground-up redesign. The same site will work seamlessly across desktop, smartphone and tablet screens – so much so that Fairfax has decided to discontinue the Financial Review’s Android app.

A double page spread advertising the AFR's new website.

A double page spread advertising the AFR’s new website.

“It’s a new content management system, all of the backend data feeds, everything in it is new,” Mr Woodhead said.

However, he said journalists would continue to file stories the same way they always had before the redesign.

“We’ve had an integrated newsroom, so while the platform changes, the process around it stays the same.”

The website features new category spaces for content on business leadership and on lifestyle.

“There have also been changes more broadly around the site navigation, just to make us more accessible, to make us easier to find in Google, and to make it easier for both advertisers and new readers to access everything,” Mr Woodhead said.

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