Australian government cuts ties with Google advertising

Australian government cuts ties with Google advertising

The Australian Government is the latest to withdraw from Google advertising through YouTube on advice from media agency Dentsu Mitchell.

All non-corporate campaign advertising, including public health and defence campaigns, has been suspended and will no longer appear on the site. Removing the ads ensures taxpayer money is not inadvertently supporting inappropriate or extremist content, in a move that echoes that of the British Government.

Special Minister of State Senator Scott Ryan said that the government would communicate with the public in alternative ways.

“While the Australian government currently works with Dentsu Mitchell to mitigate the risk of government advertising appearing alongside inappropriate material, it was decided that further steps are now required.

“With digital advertising a key way for the government to alert Australians about new programs or changes to policy, the Australian government and Dentsu Mitchell will continue to request updates from Google on the steps being taken to mitigate risks,” Mr Ryan said.

A slew of brands have pulled advertising from the platform internationally over the past fortnight. The list includes Australian names Holden, Bunnings, Telstra, Caltex and Foxtel.

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