Australian Mining

Given the tough job, this newspaper ad by Australian Mining was effective in driving a re-think on the industry.

Key findingsAustralian Mining

All five of the Resources sector ads we tested did well at achieving strong Affinity scores and driving Re-appraisal. As we would expect, they also spoke strongly to the Public Agenda.

  • While most respondents found the imagery of the Australian Mining ad appealing, the images were problematic for respondents when attempting to link the ad back to an advertiser, with many respondents choosing generically Australian subjects or organisations.
  • Unsurprisingly, the subject was a polarising one.
  • Verbatims reflected that people were surprised once they realised the ad was from Australian Mining.
  • It was convincing and believable.
  • For others, some verbatims also reflected a strong level of cynicism and caution regarding any messages from the mining industry.
  • Certainly, the elements are in place for this ad to drive a rethinking of the issues presented and this research demonstrates that while a certain segment of respondents remain (and most likely always will remain) unconvinced, the ad has been successful at achieving this with a significant number of respondents.
  • For a difficult task, this ad appears to be delivering good reappraisal.

Download full results in the document below.