Australia’s best brands

In a crowded market, a company’s brand is its most valuable asset. TANYA SHINN looks at consumers’ favourite companies across the auto, liquor, handset and airline sectors, and discovers how they stack up.

A brand is a promise. It embodies specific values and benefits that resonate and differentiate in the mind of the buyer.

Leveraging brand equity with a strong message, delivered through strategic communications and creative planning, sets products or services apart and increases consideration that may ultimately end in a sale.

The platform is not the message but careful its selection ensures the message is delivered to the right audience. News media is an effective way to help advertisers lift brand metrics and improve perceptions1, reaching 16.8 million consumers every month.

Marketers in charge of some of our favourite brands ensure news media is always considered in the marketing mix. Here are four sectors with the top brands that rank top-of-mind with respondents to the emma survey.


Dan Murphy’s brands itself as Australia’s favourite liquor store, and according to the data this claim holds true.

More than half of liquor store customers (55%) shop there in an average three-month period, well ahead of BWS (38%), Liquorland (30%), First Choice (14%) and Aldi Liquor (14%).

Brand awareness plays a huge part in the success of brands.

The top three selling brands – Dan Murphy’s, BWS and Liquorland – are among the most recognised brands by Australians regardless of whether they visit at a bottle shop.

More than four in five (85%) say they are familiar with the Dan Murphy’s brand, followed by BWS (81%) and Liquorland (80%), well ahead of fourth-place Celebrations at 67 per cent.

To learn how news media helps liquor retailers lift brand recall, increase familiarity and positively differentiate themselves from competitors, click here.

Top bottle store brands

(Consumers who shopped at a bottle store in the last 3 months)

Rank Brand [000] Vert %
1 Dan Murphy’s 4707 55
2 BWS 3243 38
3 Liquorland 2590 30
4 First Choice 1196 14
5 Aldi Liquor 1171 14


iPhone tops the list as the most popular phone brand with almost two-in-five (38%) saying they own one of its models. Rival Samsung is next at 28 per cent, followed by Nokia (8%), HTC (4%) and Sony (3%).

The number of consumers willing to consider a Samsung is much higher than those who actually make a purchase of one of their phones. Some 5.1 million consider buying one but 4.7 million go through with it. (Samsung’s recent troubles and ultimate withdrawal of the Galaxy Note 7 from market because of battery issues may adversely affect response in future surveys.)

iPhone leads on conversion with 6.52 million considering a model and 6.47 million making a purchase.

Effective advertising helps lift conversion rates by encouraging consumers to think differently about a brand while clear call-to-action drives consumers instore.

Click here for examples of campaigns from iPhone and LG that encouraged brand affinity and improved understanding of the brand.

Top mobile phone brands

(Currently own)

Rank Brand [000] Vert %
1 iPhone 6473 38
2 Samsung 4709 28
3 Nokia 1361 8
4 HTC 678 4
5 Sony 533 3

Airlines and Travel

Qantas tops the list as the most popular international airline with 15.9% of international travellers using the carrier in the year ended July 2016, according to data from the Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics.2

It was followed by Jetstar (9.5%), Emirates (9.1%), Singapore Airlines (8.3%) and Air New Zealand (7.0%).2

To see examples of airlines that have won over new customers and enhanced brand loyalty through marketing their brand with news media advertising click here.

Top airline brands2

(international travel, 12 months ended July 2016)

Rank Brands Market Share %
1 Qantas 16
2 Jetstar 10
3 Emirates 9
4 Singapore Airlines 8
5 Air New Zealand 7

Almost half of all holiday bookings (47%) are directly influenced by news media, a new report released by NewsMediaWorks has revealed.3


Toyota remains the most considered brand among all new car buyers. Nearly one-in-three consider a Toyota (267,000) – 81,000 more than second-ranked Mazda (186,000). They are followed by Subaru (141,000%), Holden (123,000) and Nissan (116,000).

There has been some significant movement among Toyota’s competitors in the battle for consideration.

Buyers who would consider a Subaru have risen by 18 per cent for the last two years. That’s an annual increase of 22,000. Nissan and Audi have increased consideration by 15 per cent and 8 per cent respectively.

News media is an effective way to engage car buyers. According to a recent NewsMediaWorks study, 54% of new car buyers say their purchase decision was influenced by news media content.4

For two examples of strong news media creative – from Audi and Hyundai – that boosted brand perception and increased web-search, click here.

Top car brands

(Considered by new car buyers, next 12 months)

Rank Brand [000] Vert %
1 Toyota 267 31
2 Mazda 186 22
3 Subaru 141 17
4 Holden 123 14
5 Nissan 116 14


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