BCF Boating Camping Fishing hooked on regional newspapers 

The key to unlocking the potential of regional newspapers is simple: be relevant to your readers. BRIAN ROCK reveals how APN Australian Regional Media made this work for outdoor retailer BCF.

Top Line

APN Australian Regional Media created a highly localised campaign for BCF Boating Camping Fishing, Australia’s largest outdoor retailer. The campaign targeted outdoor enthusiasts in five key regional markets, providing editorial and promotional support to highlight local outdoor activities.

The results:

Compared with non-campaign marketsEaster break

  • Year-on-year transaction growth was 142% higher.
  • Year-on-year revenue growth was 63% higher.


Australian Regional Media audiences are 1.5 times more likely to be interested in boating, camping, fishing and four wheel driving than metro Australians.

Armed with this information APN Australian Regional Media approached outdoor retailer BCF with a proposal: to develop highly-localised content for five major regional markets to improve BCF’s profile and sales results.

Campaign Objectives

To raise awareness of the BCF brand, drive customer traffic, and provide exceptional sales growth in the campaign markets.


The six week campaign ran in Mackay, Rockhampton, Gladstone, Bundaberg, and the Sunshine Coast, using print, online, mobile, and social media.

No rough stuff

Editorial content was localised, focusing on outdoor activities in each region, such as the top 10 fishing spots or the best places to go camping. Display ads highlighted catalogue offers that reflected the editorial content.

Getting outIn addition the printed newspapers ran weekly store manager profiles, with managers recommending prime locations for outdoor activities.

The digital execution was spearheaded with a customised online section featuring a wide variety of content: articles shared with the print edition, an interactive map with locations covered in a “Getting Out Guide”, BCF product support and special deals, and a Facebook feed. sunshine coast daily facebook

Social media was integrated across platforms. Customised BCF webpages linked to Facebook, with selected reader quotes from the Facebook page used in the printed newspaper.

A co-branded competition that ran across all platforms gave the audience a chance to win $5000 to spend at BCF. Entrants could opt in to receive special offers from BCF, generating a lead database.

Bottom Line

The campaign was an overwhelming success in terms of immediate sales results and strategic brand metrics.

Across the five campaign markets:

  • Compared with non-campaign markets
    • Sales transactions increased by an extraordinary 142%
    • Superb revenue growth: 63% higher
  • 550,000 Facebook views
  • Unprompted brand recall increased by 68%
  • Brand preference increased 37%
  • Purchase intention rose 38%

The campaign “exceeded expectations” according to Ben McConnell, BCF Marketing Manager.  “The campaign was really, really successful. What we found was this really credible, localised content was just so effective in driving reader engagement, and best of all we achieved better sales results.”


Regional newspaper media offers a powerful combination of high reach and high reader involvement, but this potential is often underutilised.

What made this campaign so effective was how it tapped into the connection between the audience’s interest in outdoor activities and BCF’s product offerings, using editorial and promotional activity to build relevant connections between BCF and local audiences.

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