A win for the environment – new animated video released

NewsMediaWorks’ Environment Advisory Group has launched a new animated video designed to bring to life the sustainability of newspapers in an engaging and creative way.

Peter Netchaef, executive director of environment of the NewsMediaWorks says, “We wanted to draw attention to the substantial achievements gained over the years and remind consumers of the crucial part they play in the successful recycling of newsprint and the circular economy.”

All newsprint in Australia is made from trees grown and regrown in sustainable pine plantations. It is then recovered for recycling and goes to make new newsprint and other products such as cardboard, egg cartons and building materials.

“Australian consumers currently recycle 76 per cent of all print products, with a further 6.7 per cent reused in the home. This is among the highest in the world – a truly great effort of the industry, government and consumers working hand-in-hand on an entirely voluntary basis. To put this into perspective, in 1989, the recycling rate was as low as 33 per cent. Since then, more than 37 trillion newspapers have been recycled” said Peter Netchaef.

The advisory group includes all major print publishers in Australia including News Corp Australia, Fairfax Media, West Australian Newspapers, APN News & Media, Bauer Media and Pacific Magazines. The group’s commitments are underpinned by a national product stewardship agreement with the federal and all state governments.

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