BMW's atypical creative approach in this newspaper ad led to higher consumer engagement.

Key findings

  • The newspaper ad for the new BMW X3 is a good example of how a slightly different approach can deliver just as strong, if not stronger overall results than taking the typical auto ad route
  • The ad helped the brand be seen as offering something different from competitors, and comfortably met all positive creative diagnostics
  • Role Map results showed the ad delivered very high results forAffinity, Re-appraisal, and providing Information, providing relevant communication at key steps towards consideration and purchase of a new vehicle
  • Compared to other BMW ads we’ve tested, the X3 ad drives the greatest amount of Re-appraisal, provides the best level ofInformation, and is seen as the car respondents can most see themselves driving.
  • This ad works well at motivating people in the market right now, people researching the market for later, and long term considerers, as it relies on information as it’s key selling point, rather than a price point or sales event.

Download full results in the document below.