Challenger Annuities

Results show this newspaper from Challenger Annuities gets their audience thinking about superannuation in terms of their proposition.

Key findingschallenger-sept-article

This ad has scored high results in many aspects of our Creative Benchmarking process including:

  • ‘Highlights an important feature’
  • Interest
  • Speaking to the Public Agenda
  • Generating Reappraisal

It’s fair to say based on results that the ad offers a benefit for the category, stimulating the conversation around Super and diversifying retirement products

We surmise that in a more tightly targeted respondent group (our sample is a population weighted group of P16+), we may have seen even stronger results. We know that there have been other versions of this ad with younger people depicted in them and we believe these would largely overcome any barriers in reaching an under 40’s respondent

These are very encouraging results from Challenger and the ad shows that a complex topic can be presented in a way that will personally resonate with the reader and get them thinking.

Download full results in the document below.