Change a boost for titles

The changes in newspaper publishing driven by the transition to digital-based models has led to the industry being more adaptable and attractive to advertisers, according to leading media agency network executive Henry Tajer.

Mr Tajer, the executive chairman of IPG Mediabrands, sees being at the cutting edge as an advantage – and newspapers are one of the most significantly changing channels in the current marketplace.

The key to being at the forefront of change is knowing what consumers and clients want – and being able to leverage that change for clients, he said.

“It’s a combination of reader and consumer change,” he said, but [it is] also the way in which newspaper organisations are actually reshaping and reforming their go-to market strategy.”

Mr Tajer’s agency Mediabrands was the first major organisation to buy into emma [Enhanced Media Metrics Australia], the cross-platform readership insights survey developed by Ipsos MediaCT for The Readership Works.

Mediabrands purchased emma because of the level of insight it provided into consumers was unmatched, he said.

“We felt the way the metric is created and defined is quite unique and provides us a degree of granularity and understanding that we haven’t had,” he said.

“When you look at that in the context of the large newspaper investors that we have as clients, it was a pretty simple decision.”

Mr Tajer was consulted in the development of the audience survey.

The emma measurement survey provides a highly-detailed inside into the Australian media landscape, with the metric the first to take into account browsing habits across all platforms.

It is independently audited, and includes the fusion of Nielsen Online Ratings with its own findings.

Following closely on the signing of Mr Tajer’s Mediabrands to emma was independent agency Match Media.

Match Media founder and CEO John Preston said there was a similar reason behind his company’s purchase of the survey.

“emma offers Match and our clients a new lens on the consumer’s consumption of today’s media landscape,” Mr Preston said.

“This knowledge allows us to apply insights into what’s really happening in the offline and digital media pool.

“In particular, offering a metric for our clients on how people are interacting online across the various screens and devices.”

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