The Chevron newspaper ad tested well on key creative and brand diagnostics and has successfully drove Re-appraisal and Affinity.

Key findingsChevron

All five of the Resources sector ads we tested in this batch did well at achieving strong Affinity scores and driving Reappraisal. As we would expect, they also spoke strongly to the Public Agenda.

  • The ad for Chevron was seen as attention grabbing and providing important information
  • Achieved strong scores for ‘headline made me want to stop and read more’ and ‘highlights an important feature’ within Creative Diagnostics
  • While some respondents found the subject matter polarising, in general, they were in agreement that the ad was clear and easy to understand
  • Consequently, the ad achieved significantly high scores for Re-appraisal, and was seen as aiding understanding and achieving differentiation from other, similar advertisers
  • In contrast, the ad underperformed versus similar advertisers in being ‘believable’ and ‘convincing’ which was fed back via verbatims that demonstrated a level of cynicism amongst respondents
  • There was also a relatively high number of respondents who did not successfully identify the core message of the ad

Download full results in the document below.