Christmas shoppers all wrapped up

As we race towards Christmas, TANYA SHINN dives into the data to discover the gadgets that we want to find under the tree.

Go pro leads the way

INFOGRAPHIC_CHRISTMAS GADGETS_2016_DIGITALConsumer technology is top of many wish lists for Santa, and figures from emma show the news media audience are keen to splash out on a desired gadget this year.

At the top of the list is the GoPro Hero and other similar action-cameras. Already some 14 per cent of readers own a Go-Pro or similar gadget – and that figure is about to grow to almost one in four (22%). Some 1.6 million consumers are now actively considering a purchase.

Following the ethos of good things come in small packages, another favourite this year will be the smartphone. Some 1.4 million consumers are currently in the market for a new handset, according to emma.

Men make up 60 per cent of these prospective buyers, with readers in the 14-29 age range being 49 per cent more likely to make such a purchase than a non-reader.

It’s not just young consumers who covet the latest model. Smartphone penetration among over 50s is up nine points to 61 per cent compared with two years ago. Some 427,000 over 50s are looking to splash out on a new model with mobile technology ranking equally as popular among men and women (gender ratio of buyers: 53% men vs. 47% women).


Laptops are similarly desirable with 1.4 million consumers saying they wish to update or own their first model. Interestingly, it is not the younger consumers who are much interested. The average age for a prospective buyer is 40, with a gender split 52 / 48 in favour in men.

Gaming consoles

Gaming consoles are always business, especially with new Xbox hitting the market. Nearly one in two consumers aged 14+ — 8.7 million— currently own a game console and 1.3 million want to upgrade.

While consoles Xbox and PlayStation reign supreme on the tech wish list for 427,000 younger males (aged 14-35), gaming is no longer the sole domain of men. According to emma, 50 per cent of consumers who currently own a games console are women.

The rise in female gaming means that consoles are now a hot-ticket item for some 600,000 women gamers.

Tech wish list

No. of consumers planning to buy in near future (000)
GoPro 1558
Smart phone 1359
Laptop 1349
Gaming console 1300
Digital TV recorder 1257
Tablet 1234
Smart watch 1171
Wireless speakers 1160
Fitness monitor 1020
Smart TV 1013

Finding these buyers at the right moment is critical for retailers. News media delivers large audiences and is especially effective at delivering high-end consumers. It reaches nine in ten of the top 20 per cent of consumer spenders on audio-visual and media equipment.

Some 92 per cent of consumers who are considering the purchase of smartphone have read news in the past week – 73 per cent in print and 74 per cent online.

Newspaper readers also feature heavily among those thinking of buying a laptop. Some 74 per cent have read a newspaper in recent days, and 75 per cent who want TV have done likewise.

Consumers of digital content are the most likely to buy activity monitors and recorders – they are 18 per cent more likely to buy a GoPro than a non-reader, and 9 per cent more likely to buy a fitness monitor.

The news media audience are also some of the most prolific electronics shoppers. Some 2.2 million newspaper readers have shop in-store at an electronics retailer in the last month. The digital news audience comes a close second at 2.1 million shoppers.

emma data shows digital news readers  increasingly look online to research and buy electrical goods, with some 67 per cent having visited an electrical goods retailer online in the past four weeks.

For case studies on how news media drives call to action, encouraging people to in-store and online, click here.



All other figures from emma™ conducted by Ipsos MediaCT, People 14+ for the 12 months ending August 2016; Nielsen DRM August 2016, People 14+ only.


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