Conveying Information

Conveying Information advertising gives people more information about a brand, store, issue or cause.

Conveying Information advertising is designed to provide new and additional content, be it breadth, depth, or complexity regarding a brand, product or service.

Conveyign Information advertising can range from long copy brand extension to secondary or multi-layered messages.100610_110847798_2010 Information article main RH image

How consumers respond

Information-based advertising increases people’s knowledge about a brand, helps them with brand research and takes them further down the consideration funnel.

It also provides the supporting facts and information they require to make a purchase decision.

Newspapers have always been well regarded as a medium for providing information. It’s a quality that advertisers have traditionally utilised.

The newspaper ads showcased below all perform signficantly above the All Newspaper Norm for Information style advertising.

Colgate and Jetstar use fairly simple, straightforward approaches to underline their benefits and provide proof points required to broaden people’s brand understanding.

However newspapers also provide the opportunity to deliver information in entertaining and evocative ways which also tell a story.  Meat & Livestock Australia uses an intriguing headline and engaging copy to explain red meat’s beneficial effect on the brain, while RTA simply uses an appealing visual to announce the increased accessibility of its service and visually depict the end benefit.

Why put it in a newspaper?

The newspaper reading experience is enjoyable and involving, which predisposes consumers to more detailed information in an environment of credibility and trust.

Newspapers provide space and time to present your brand’s case and to explain a broader range of messages, or more complex ones.

Learn more about Role Map, one of The Newspaper Works’ proprietary measures.

Download the Powerpoint presentation below on the strategic role of Conveying Information, including Role Map measures for each of the three ads referenced in this article.

Case Studies

Like to know how other advertisers have applied this strategic role to newspaper advertising? View the case studies below.

Sunsense Anti-Aging Moisturiser (NZ)A creative newspaper ad conveys how the sun can cause pre-mature aging.

Xerox Colour Printers (UK): A series of entertaining newspaper ads demonstrate the benefits of colour printers.