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Canada - A national campaign which ran on printed and online newspapers led to rare growth in the beer market, even during the economic downturn.

The Challenge

Corona Extra and Corona Light wanted to stand out from all other beers and build maximum awareness at the beginning of the key summer beer season.

The Objective

Corona Extra and Corona Light wanted to reinforce its brand positioning, grow share of market and generate incremental sales volume.

Why Newspapers?

Corona’s marketing team struggled with what medium to use in the execution of the strategy, but after reviewing mounds of research, newspapers and their websites seemed the obvious choice to reach their target consumer; Corona consumers are typically better educated, with higher levels of income, and enjoy reading as well as skiing, golf, and tennis.

The Plan

The goal was to communicate to potential customers before the summer began, so a 15-day summer countdown was planned for newspapers across Canada. Newspaper banner ads ran daily teasing Canadians with “The Promise”.

On the first week of summer, at the end of the countdown, the Promise was revealed through the use of high impact gatefolds (ads that cover half of the newspapers’ front page). At the same time, radio aired and online newspaper site “takeovers” occurred, which allowed interested readers to click through to a micro site.

The Creative

The ad creative detailed The Promise – a charming set of statements highlighting the importance of relaxation and leaving the stresses of work and the economy behind. It also provided useful information on fun summer Corona sponsored events. Corona beer bottles and the well-established Corona logo were used to reinforce the branding.

Corona beer article

The Results

The week after the gatefold executions ran, sales increased by over +18% nationally – generating the highest ever weekly sales volume for the Corona trademark.

This is rare growth in the beer market given its competitive nature combined with the tough economic times. In addition, awareness of The Promise ad was very high with positive unsolicited feedback garnered from both retailers and consumers.

Download the case study below where you can also see print and online executions of the campaign.

This case study came from the Canadian Newspaper Association. Visit their website to view more case studies and research into effective newspaper advertising.


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