Courier-Mail launches new business mag

The Courier-Mail has launched a new monthly business publication, replacing boom magazine with the new QB Monthly.

The move aims to shift perceptions from a magazine focused on mining and resources to one that provides a broader account of Queensland business.

Feedback after QB Monthly’s debut on Friday, March 7, has been “really positive, both internally and externally,” editor Andre Grimaux said.

“The timing’s right for a new, fresh, positive look at Queensland business success stories.”

While boom always had a broad view, Mr Grimaux said, “there was a perception that it focused on the mining investment boom, which a lot of the content was focused on as it was the biggest investment driver in Queensland”.

QB Monthly

The new magazine is being promoted as “the pre-eminent resource for business leaders” across a broad range of sectors that grow the state’s economy, covering success in the real estate, agriculture, tourism and digital sectors, as well as resources.

Contributors include James McCullogh,  the long-standing City Beat corporate gossip columnist for The Courier-Mail,  who will provide a weekly “Business Lunch” segment, and Robin Ironside, whose column in the April edition will be devoted to a “warts and all” insight into the G20.

QB Monthly will be The Courier-Mail’s first magazine produced using the new Methode production system. Boom, which was first published two years ago, was produced in Cyber.

The launch comes as confidence in the Queensland economy is on the rebound.

The Courier-Mail editor Chris Dore said Queensland was experiencing phenomenal growth. “It is growing twice as fast as the rest of the nation,” he said.

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  1. Hmmm. QB isn’t a “new launch” – it’s the CM’s “Boom” supplement rebadged. Why? Because News Ltd’s boosterism for the fossil fuels proved not to be so sustainable… with the coal price falling away just two years after Boom was launched with the claim “Our state will be defined this decade by a boom built on our natural resources, our proximity to the growth markets of the world and the relative stability of our business structure and workforce. It will be spearheaded by demand for fuels coal, coal seam gas and possibly shale gas.”

    Let’s hope the new version meets its goals of a broader focus better than what its replacing – about which they said at the time: “We don’t set out to be a magazine for the resources industry. ….And we certainly don’t set out to be a cheer squad for governments that want to ride the boom when it suits.”

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