emma sees all

New readership survey emma gives a clearer picture of user engagement with mastheads, according to The Newspaper Works research manager Simon Baty.

Mr Baty said the emma survey consumer newspapers across all age groups and audiences.

“One of the great things about the emma data is that you get a really good understanding of newspaper audiences across platforms,” Mr Baty said.

“That comes partly from the emma data itself, which covers mobile and tablet as well as print, but also the Nielsen online ratings data, which is fused onto the emma data.”

Last week, the survey revealed that newspapers are still a staple in people’s media consumption, with 83 per cent of all Australians reading a metropolitan or national newspaper on any platform each month.

However, the surprising statistic was the engagement different platforms had with a wide range of audiences.

“When you look at newspaper readers on mobile, they skew quite heavily to younger readers,” Mr Baty said.

“If you look at tablet, it’ll skew the 30-44 years-olds, but when you combine that back with print and web, you’ll find that you’ve got a medium that has a pretty strong reach in pretty much every age group.”

To read more about the reach of emma across all platforms, go to Mr Baty’s article on The Newspaper Works’ website here.

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