emma’s big night out

emma’s big night outMal Dale speaks at the emma launch event in Sydney

On Monday night, overlooking the iconic Sydney skyline among the modern creations housed at the Museum of Contemporary Art, something just as modern and contemporary came to life.

The night marked the official launch of emma (Enhanced Media Metrics Australia) the new cross-platform readership survey which is expected to bring about a revolution in data available to publishers and media agencies and buyers.

Figures released at the launch show the readership across newspaper mastheads is much great than previously reported. In a number of cases, it was up to 40 per cent higher. The data revealed around 88 per cent of Australians read a newspaper and/or a digital edition every month.

emma combines a survey of 54,000 Australians annually and the fusion of Nielsen Online Ratings with three other rich assets: a channel planning utility, a consumer profiling application and rich product data. These innovations, as well as seven-day online surveying across print, online and digital platforms, is making for a metric that the marketplace has never seen.

It also will provide data on branded sections of newspapers for the first time, as well as regional and community titles.

Welcoming guests to the function, The Newspaper Works CEO Mr Mark Hollands said emma was a ground-breaking, world leading, audience insights survey. “It is not just for newspapers, but also for the growing array of digital publications that is driving our business forward in new and exciting ways.”

The Readership Works general manager Mal Dale outlined the innovations of the survey and said the survey would continue to grow and change with the media landscape. “emma will help agencies and clients get closer to their customers than ever before, with the confidence of a world class survey methodology, with the active contributions from many sectors of the media, agency and advertiser industries,” he said.

Emma is independently audited by and is supported by the Media Federation of Australia, the Magazine Publishers of Australia. It was commissioned by The Readership Works and developed by Ipsos MediaCT, which took best practice techniques from its surveys around the world and applied it to the Australian model.

The survey will issue releases from its databases each month.

More than 160 senior executives from the media, advertising and marketing industries attended Monday night’s event.

The Melbourne launch was held last night, and will be followed by events in Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide over coming weeks.

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