Pitch perfect platform

Pitch perfect platform


• 8.5 million read 3+ print newspapers each week
• 70% of adults engage with digital news media every month
• Regional news media most engaging in the lives of readers

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Engagement is critical to advertising effectiveness. A number of studies have found engaging media can lift campaign performance across a range of important metrics including ad recall¹, ad recognition² and message comprehension³.

Figures from emma show news media in print and digital formats engaging a large swathe of consumers, offering advertisers the perfect platform to deliver effective campaigns.

Print engages the masses

Some 46 per cent of Australians, or 8.3 million consumers, read three or more print newspapers each week.


These highly-engaged readers rely on print journalism to provide accurate, balanced and credible reporting. Advertisers can target them to lift campaign reach, increase brand engagement and deliver sales.


Daily readers take their time

These 8.3 million regular readers devote a large amount of time to print journalism. Data reveals that half of this audience, some 4.2 million consumers, spend at least 30 minutes every day reading a newspaper. News media deliver the lean-in quality of engagement that marketers desire as readers fully engage in content.


Digital news media engagement surges

An ever increasing amount of newspaper journalism is being consumed on digital platforms.

According to Nielsen, 12.7 million consumers engage with news media via PC, smartphone or tablet every month.


The growth in digital readership means that more people than ever are engaging with news media. These digital products offer advertisers the chance to produce campaigns that reach consumers on the move.

Connect with digital natives

Those aged under 30 and “digitally native” have always known newspaper websites as a popular destination. Each month, digital news media reach two-thirds of consumers aged 14-29.

Advertisers looking to engage young consumers will find them via publisher-owned digital platforms.


Regional news media most engaging

Results from Think Local, the 2016 Regional News Media Readership study, shows newspapers to be the most engaging medium in the lives of regional readers.

Readers are 1.4 times more likely to find their regional newspaper more engaging than TV, 1.6 times that of radio and 2.9 that of letter-box dropped catalogues and flyers.



The compelling content produced by news media brands keep Australians engaged. Advertisers can reap rewards by placing their messages in an environment where consumers are paying close
attention to content.

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