Engaged and informed – An overview of today’s news media reach

News media is read by 90 per cent of Australians. LANCE CLATWORTHY takes a look at readership levels, age profiles and the broader landscape of media usage by time of day.


Starting their day updated and informed

Australians wake up to news media – equipping themselves with what’s happening in their local community, the nation and the wider world before they embark on their daily lives. 56 per cent of all newspaper reading is done between 6am and 12pm. As newspaper reading then reduces during the rest of the day, advertisers have the opportunity to complement a print campaign with activity in digital news media – the internet is used at a similar level throughout the day before reducing from mid evening.


Readers’ age profile largely reflects the population

The chart below gives the key overview of news media readers by channel (e.g. Digital news media) and the age profile of each of those channels compared to that of Australia’s population aged 14+. News media is read by 16.8m people and closely aligns to the age profile of the general population. News media reaches 11m age 14 to 54 and 5.4m aged 14 to 34.


National and community newspapers are heavily metro focussed

Australia’s population has 56 per cent dwelling in major metro areas while 25 per cent have a household income of at least $120k per annum. While distribution dictates that a high 84 per cent of community newspaper readers live in metro areas, it’s national newspapers that standout – 64 per cent of readers are living in metro areas whereas 40 per cent have household incomes of at least $120k per annum.


National and digital readers are more likely to have a tertiary education

National readers also stand out on the key demographic of education – 60 per cent of readers are tertiary educated, while this is the case for 43 per cent of digital news media readers. When it comes to having children aged 0 to 12, news media readership by channel largely represents the population profile (27%).


Immersed in their newspapers

National newspaper readers are the most highly engaged readers – offering additional value for relevant advertisers. 56 per cent of national newspaper readers are heavy readers. Heavy readers read any newspapers at least 30 minutes a day OR read at least 7 issues of any newspaper a week.


Technology, Motoring, Sport and Business sections attract more males

A view of readership levels and gender profile, shows us that 7m read the Arts and entertainment section of a newspaper with 51 per cent of them being women. The technology section (0.7m readers) has the biggest gender skew with 68 per cent of readers being men. Similarly, Motoring (64%), Sport (58%) and Business/Finance (58%) are also heavily male skewed. Although less marked, there’s a female skew on Health (57%), Food and wine (54%), Social and gossip (54%) and Travel (52%).


Reaching your target market

With highly engaged readers, news media offers advertisers the opportunity to communicate with 90 per cent of Australians aged 14+. Alternatively, the advertiser may achieve closer targeting through a variety of newspaper types, sections and in digital news media.

Source: emma™ 12 months to April 2017. Readership based on last four weeks. Survey conducted by Ipsos MediaCT, people 14+ ; Nielsen DRM April 2017, People 14+ only.


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