Engaging the local community

Canada - A university had better results targeting and engaging the community with local newspapers than by previous direct mail campaigns.


Each year, the University of Manitoba shared their successes with its local community by publishing booklets, which were distributed in the area.

In 2010, it wanted to continue with this communication whilst expanding its reach to engage a wider audience in a more environmentally way, and enhancing their profile as well as the interactivity of the message.

Why local newspapers?

To expand its reach into the community by more than 6 times, the university decided to embark on a campaign where they would dominate the newspaper for one day.

The campaign involved featuring the university with a front page ad highlighting that readers would find more stories inside. Ads were then placed alongside contextual sections of the paper, aligning the marketing communication with the editorial. All ads would refer to a website that would deliver additional depth to the campaign by adding more information and interactive features to the communication.

As newspapers are one of the most recycled products, as well as being created with recycled materials, it was an environmentally friendly solution for the university. On top of this, the online component allowed for greater detail with a reduced environmental impact.


The University indicated that as soon as the newspaper ad campaign broke, its phone lines lit up. This communication resonated with the community. Further, visits to its site were well beyond expectations.

According to the university, the newspaper campaign effectively targeted the local community through application of strategically placed creative which allowed them to more than meet their marketing objectives.

Download the full case study below, where you will find examples of the advertisements.

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