Entertained by the arts, engaged by news media

News media readers who enjoy cultural arts and entertainment are more engaged than the average reader – they read more and they read for longer. LANCE CLATWORTHY explores the opportunities for advertisers to four distinct groups who are The Entertained.


9.3m news media readers visit bars or attend cultural events monthly

With 10.2m Australians attending bars, arts and cultural events every month, news media offers advertisers the chance to reach 9.3m of them (91%). Such extensive reach is of value to brand owners, but these people are also some of the most highly engaged readers that newspapers have – newspaper advertising has additional value for those trying to access Live wires, Bar hoppers and Culture vultures, in particular.

1.4m Live wires living news media

Every month, 1.5m Australians (aged 14+) attend live entertainment events. Of them, 1.4m have news media as a part of their lives – live theatre (786k), live music concerts (617k) and ballet/opera/classical performances (315k) make up this segment with many attending more than one of these entertainment types. Compared with non-readers, news media readers are 11 per cent more likely to be Live wires. The skew brings extra value to advertisers targeting those attending these live events and is particularly evident among readers of national newspapers (+52%), but also readers of the Arts and entertainment section of a newspaper (+26%). Additionally, the skew on Community newspaper readers (+23%) again suggests a bigger opportunity. We will also see that Live wires are highly engaged readers.


6.9m Bar hoppers soak up news media

Some might say that attending bars is not as cultural as some of the other entertainment types we’re referring to, but we’ve included them as these readers also represent an opportunity. 6.9m news media readers go to hotel/wine bar (4.6m), RSL/sports club (3.9m) or a nightclub (0.6m) every month or more. News media readers are 23 per cent more likely to be Bar hoppers than those who don’t read news media. This strength is evident in both print (+27%) and digital (+22%), but most significantly, it is readers of national newspapers who are 36 per cent more likely to be enjoying a drink out. In fact all news media types skew well for Bar hoppers but the Arts & entertainment section (+31%) and metro newspapers (+30%) also stand out. Readers of these news media types have a higher instance of Bar hoppers. Again, we will also see that Bar hoppers are highly engaged readers too.


1.3m Culture vultures devour news media

People attending art exhibitions, museums and galleries number 1.4m every month with news media being read by 90% of them (1.3m). Whereas all news media types offer extensive reach, it is national newspaper readers that truly stand out – these readers are 66 per cent more likely to be Culture vultures than those who are non-readers. The Arts and entertainment section of the newspaper provides extra value to advertisers in this field; readers of this section are 17 per cent more likely to be Culture vultures. We will also see that Culture vultures are highly engaged readers.


3.7m Movie buffs getting the news

Every month 4.2m people go to the cinema, with 3.7m of them reading news media. Cinema related advertisers can leverage the scale of this 90% reach. In terms of heavy and deep print readership, this group are very representative of the average newspaper reader, but when we look at the state level we will see skews on high engagement.


The Entertained are more engaged readers

When targeting those attending bars, arts and cultural events, the benefits of advertising in news media do not only relate to the fact that readers have more of a tendency to be attending – we also find they are heavier readers of newspapers. This is most evident among the readers who are Culture vultures. Compared to the average newspaper reader, they are 20 per cent more likely to read papers for at least 30 minutes a day – Culture vultures are deeper readers. And they are 18 per cent more likely to read at least 7 newspaper issues a week – Culture vultures are heavier readers too. They’re also 18 per cent more likely to read the Arts and entertainments section of the newspaper. The implication is that the advertiser gets more chance to engage these readers. We see very similar strengths for Live wires and to a lesser extent for Bar hoppers too.


Highly engaged from coast to coast

All states demonstrate the overall engagement strengths that we see at the total news media level. However, points of note are that, compared to the average news media reader in the state, Movie buffs in NSW (+9%) and SA (+12%) are more likely to be highly engaged readers i.e. deep readers and/or heavy readers. For the same reason, Culture vultures stand out as even stronger opportunities in WA (+40%) and QLD (+26%). Additionally, though it’s not illustrated on the graph, Culture vultures’ engagement is also very strong in ACT (+30%).


Advertisers can leverage scale and engagement

In the field of bars and cultural entertainments, news media not only offers the advertiser scale, but also the benefits of the most engaged news media readers – benefits that are clearly there for each of the states across Australia.

Source: emma™ 12 months to April 2017. Readership based on last four weeks. Survey conducted by Ipsos MediaCT, people 14+ ; Nielsen DRM April 2017, People 14+ only.

Note : State based “highly engaged” graph does not display 3 states : ACT (MB  119, LW 143, BH 112, CV 130), NT ( 87, LW 121, BH 100, CV 120), TAS (MB 113, LW 96, BH 104, CV 118)


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