The Extension strategic role is used to remind people of the TV advertising for a brand, store, issue or cause.

Extension advertising reminds you about a brand by repeating or developing established messages from television.

While the other five strategic roles determine the nature of creative development, the Extension role is about the use of the creative, so it can apply to any of the other five roles.100610_110825439_2010 Extension article main RH image

How consumers respond:

Extension advertising extends the life of an existing execution.

Because readers replay the execution in their mind it often receives the same level of response as the original broadcast advertisement.

Brand icons, repetition of familiar imagery, mnemonics, spokespeople, characters, icons or creative style are used to reinforce recall.

In other words, it extends the life of the original campaign.

Each of the examples illustrated below show how strongly Foxtel, McDonalds, AAMI and Bonds have extended their TV activity.

In the case of Foxtel and McDonalds, familiar brand characters and product presentation make the link between media, whereas AAMI extends its long running ‘accident stories’ campaign idea and Bonds continues with its consistent tone of voice to add extra dimension to their campaigns.

All four newspaper ads perform significantly above the All Newspaper Norm in the process.

Why put it in a newspaper?

The ability for newspapers to, in a sense, freeze-frame the key point or out-take from broadcast communication is a distinct advantage.

Learn more about Role Map, one of The Newspaper Works’ proprietary newspaper measures.

Download the presentation below on the strategic role of Extension, including Role Map measures for the newspaper ads featured in this article.

Case Studies

Like to know how other advertisers have applied this strategic role to newspaper advertising? View the case studies below.

Capital One Banking (UK): Brand-led newspaper and TV campaign drove a 61% increase in web traffic to the Capital One homepage, and 157%  uplift to the campaign specific landing page (tracking URL for newspaper ads).

Rexona Men (AU): Rexona’s Ricky Ponting – 1 Million Balls promotion, which used newspapers and TV, drove 12.3% growth across the entire Rexona Brand Portfolio.  

Listerine Cool Citrus (UK): Adding newspapers to TV strengthened brand commitment, with newspapers delivering sales12.8% above expected levels.