Facts and figures

Our Industry Plan

On behalf of the industry, The Newspaper Works prepares a five-year Sustainability Plan which details our industry’s collection and recycling plans and is endorsed by the Federal Government’s National Environment Protection and Heritage Council.

The fifth and current Sustainability Agreement (2011 – 2015) was endorsed on 5 July 2010 by the EPHC at its 21st Meeting, held in Darwin. This was drawn up in co-operation with Norske Skog Australasia.

The Newspaper Works proactively report our performance to plan annually and is proud to have exceeded our performance targets in every plan period year since our first Industry Waste Reduction Plan (IWRA) was prepared in 1991.

The National Environmental Sustainability Plan 2006 -2010 set a target recycling rate of 76 per cent. This was far broader and more ambitious than previous plans, proposing a whole range of recycling targets for the industry and reporting mechanisms.

As an independent audit demonstrated, the industry exceeded this goal with recycling rates of 78 per cent in both 2009 and 2010.

The plan also addressed issues of energy and water conservation and envisions industry-wide moves to environment plans within the framework of a mid-term review of progress.

This fourth plan was very well received at its launch by the Environment Protection and Heritage Council in Launceston.  The Ministers’ communiqué on Extended Producer Responsibility said;

Publishers National Environment Bureau Sustainability Plan 2011-2015

Council congratulated the newspaper industry for their continued commitment to sustainability, and welcomed a record fifth voluntary product stewardship plan that will run from 2011-2015. Ministers noted that the voluntary scheme, which is run through the industry’s association (the Publishers National Environment Bureau), has again delivered against its target for recycling newspapers and magazines. The current recycling rate of over 76 percent is one of the highest in the world. Council also recognised the industry’s proposed new sustainability commitments for its supply chain, and water and energy efficiency. Ministers further noted that the new 2011-2015 agreement proposes to move to a single mid-term report on progress towards 2015 objectives, and looks forward to receiving the progress report.

–          EPHC – Twenty First Meeting Communiqué