Shake up for the Nielsen top 3 has been bumped from second place to third in the Nielsen top 10, having lost its long-held position to ABC News Websites.

ABC’s unique monthly audience grew from 4.64 million in May to 5 million in June as the Fairfax Media site’s audience fell from 5.1 million to 4.91 million, according to the latest Digital Ratings Monthly data.

However holds over twice the level of engagement of ABC, with its time spent per person clocking in at 51 minutes and 21 seconds compared to ABC’s 22 minutes and 16 seconds.

Fairfax’s Melbourne title The Age also fell in the ratings, dropping out of the top 10 list entirely after holding ninth place last month.

News Corp Australia’s Melbourne paper Herald Sun lost ground as well, falling from eighth position to 10th as its audience shrank from 2.77 million to 2.52 million.

Meanwhile News Corp Australia’s Sydney masthead The Daily Telegraph returned to the top 10 after an absence of two months.

~ Interactive Graph ~

Click on the coloured bars in the legends to toggle data sets and compare news sites. once again retained first place, although its audience dropped from 5.49 million to 5.43 million.

Yahoo7 News Websites reclaimed lost ground this month, rising to fifth place with its audience of 3.08 million after it dropped from fourth to seventh place between April and May.

BBC continues to make headway since its entry into the top 10 in April. It pulled in at eighth  place with an audience of 2.89 million.


Unique Audience (000)

Page Views Per Person Sessions Per Person

Time Per Person (hh:mm:ss) 5,463 47 12 00:59:41
ABC News Websites 5,003 20 8 00:22:16 4,911 25 10 00:51:21
Daily Mail Australia 3,230 23 9 00:34:31
Yahoo7 News Websites 3,079 11 7 00:14:12
The Guardian 3,043 14 8 00:26:27
BBC 2,888 25 10 00:43:54
ninemsn News Websites 2,753 21 10 00:25:40
The Daily Telegraph 2,520 14 7 00:18:49
Herald Sun 2,519 20 9 00:33:02

Nielsen Digital Ratings (Monthly) – June 2016

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