Fairfax makes election content free

Fairfax makes election content freeFairfax Media's landing page image for its US Election coverage.

Coverage of the US Federal Election will be freely available today on the websites of The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald today.

Fairfax’s decision to relax its digital subscription model comes as Americans wrap up voting for the next leader of the free world: Democrat Hillary Clinton or Republican Donald Trump.

Editorial director Sean Aylmer said the election result would have enormous international ramifications and Fairfax believed “that for such an important occasion we want to ensure that our quality coverage across our digital sites reaches as big an audience as possible”.

Similar initiatives for historic events have been run by other newspapers across the globe including The Financial Times, which made content free during the UK referendum on whether it should leave the European Union.

The Wall Street Journal and NY Times are making their election coverage free.

Polling booths in America are starting to close with a result expected on Wednesday afternoon Australian time.

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