Fairfax Media in new data partnership


Fairfax Media’s new data partnership enables it to leverage ProductReview.com.au’s extensive purchase intent data PHOTO: Fairfax Media

Fairfax Media has formed an exclusive commercial data partnership with Australian consumer opinion website ProductReview.com.au to create valuable consumer segments for advertisers by leveraging the site’s extensive purchase intent data.

The partnership will give Fairfax exclusive access to ProductReview’s consumer data across retail, automotive, personal finance, utilities, telecommunication and travel.

Combined with its own rich audience data, the consumer segments will enable Fairfax to deliver more effective marketing campaigns to advertisers, as well as targeted digital advertising for brands across its digital network.

The synergy between the two companies will allow consumer segments to be built to match an advertiser’s desired target audience, enabling them to target specific consumers looking to buy certain products, such as males aged 18-34 looking for a new internet service provider.

Fairfax’s current advertising solution is data-driven, and uses data from consumer registrations and browsing behaviour across the Fairfax network.

This partnership will be an addition to that, enabling Fairfax to leverage ProductReview’s extensive purchase intent data, which measures what consumers are intending to buy over a 12-month period.

Fairfax Media’s Australian Publishing Media commercial and marketing services director, Tom Armstrong, said: “The synergy between Fairfax Media and ProductReview.com.au delivers quality data that will enable us to target in-market shoppers for specifics items or categories, as well as people who have searched for a brand or a competitor’s brand.”

In-market consumers are shoppers searching for a particular product.

The partnership follows a successful 12-month pilot between Fairfax Media and ProductReview.com.au.

ProductReview.com.au has been online since May 2003. It provides a platform for consumers to rate and review services, products, and shops.

“We selected Fairfax Media as our exclusive commercial data partner because of the parallels between our audience and Fairfax’s ability to put high quality brands, relevant to their real-time consumer needs, in front of our users,” ProductReview.com.au director Michael Doubinski said.

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