Fairfax parenting site to offer more ad opportunities


Advertisers will now be able to advertise their brand through native campaigns, and new sponsorship opportunities are also available. PHOTO: Fairfax Media

Fairfax-owned parenting website Essential Kids has had a facelift, with an improved editorial direction, and new opportunities for advertisers.

The website, a trusted source of information for parents around Australia, will focus more on providing ideas and inspiration for busy families.

“The new Essential Kids provides inspiration, practical advice and tools in an easy and accessible way that saves time and energy so parents can instead spend time with their kids,” said Essential Kids managing editor Amber Robinson.

Advertisers will also benefit from the new site. They will now be able to advertise their brand through native campaigns, which will be integrated onto the site with video and rich media.

There will also be new sponsorship opportunities in the categories of Current Affairs, Pets, Advice, Making Time for Me, School Holidays and Meal Planning.


Essential Kids has a new logo. PHOTO: Fairfax Media

Search and navigation has been optimised, and the site will have a new colour palette. The logo has also been changed, and will now feature a paper plane.

To determine the direction of the new site, Essential Kids conducted research to look at the attitudes and behaviours of parents around Australia.

The site receives more than 640,000 unique visitors each month, has 250,000 forum members, and 214,000 Facebook followers.

“Essential Kids allows parents to connect with our 250,000-plus loyal and engaged members through our forum community which now has greater prominence, so parents can better share their experiences with others and know they’re not alone,” Ms Robinson said.

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