Fairfax unleashes The Beast

Fairfax Media has launched its largest-ever rich media ad unit, giving advertisers a dynamic canvas to deliver their message across multiple sets of content.

It has been dubbed ‘The Beast’.

A key component of the new service is that all content within the ad unit’s area can be changed by user interaction, and also can be sectionally targeted.

Advertisers can have multiple sets of content, including imagery, copy, videos, galleries and social media feeds, effectively creating a mini-site within the article page.

Fairfax Media group sales director Ed Harrison said people would enjoy the ads, particularly given their non-intrusive nature.

“Fairfax has always invested heavily in new product development, particularly in custom advertising. Clever, relevant, user-controlled ad units such as this one are well received by our audiences,” Mr Harrison said.

“The secret sauce is the way in which it’s designed around, rather than over, the content.”

The new project was showcased with advertisers Samsung, where by it has been used to promote the GALAXY S 4 smartphone.

When an article is viewed, there is an ad around all the content, as well as a graphic to the side of an article. An example of how it looks can be viewed by clicking here.

“I’m pleased that Samsung has really made the most of this engaging environment,” Mr Harrison said.

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