Feel at home @ The Newspaper Works

Feel at home @ The Newspaper WorksThe Newspaper Works has redesigned its home page.

The Newspaper Works has launched a brand-new home page, with a new look and a more user-friendly design.

The previous page showcased a rotation of industry news stories, but often relegated key industry services, infographics and insights to drop-down menus.

Research and member feedback told us that most people access our news coverage through our weekly newsletter, so now, industry-relevant data and services are located front and centre.

This means newcomers to The Newspaper Works and the publishing industry instantly will have an overview of the services the organisation provides.

“As an organisation, we generate a lot of material and try to sweat the content … but with so much content available, that can make it hard to find what you want,” The Newspaper Works chief executive Mark Hollands said.

He said The Newspaper Works had spikes of activity with each newsletter that was sent to members, media agencies and creative agencies, and those who like to stay in touch with events in the newspaper world.

News items are no longer a prominent feature of the home page, although there will be no change to our news coverage.

“The reason is simple – most of our news-related traffic comes from the email newsletters we send out and readers go straight to the story,” Mr Hollands said.

“Those seeking industry information, often unsure exactly what they are looking for, have a different experience.

“No-one likes to click around a website aimlessly. This is our way to address that.”

The new home page is also more visually appealing, using a technique known as parallax scrolling to give a sense of depth and to engage visitors.

For more news from The Newspaper Works, click here. To check out the new homepage, click here.

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