First Goss compact press installed in US

First Goss compact press installed in USThe Goss installation at the Staten Island Advance.

The first Goss Magnum Compact press has been installed in the United States, the print machinery company has announced, with commissioning tests and shadow production underway before moving into full production this month.

Installation required a high level of precision. With size an issue, the press towers cleared the overhead by no more than 2.5cm.  Standing at just 2.2 metres tall, the new press will allow the New York City daily Staten Island Advance to add capacity for third-party newspapers, inserts and other commercial work.

“In what is possibly a unique configuration, web slots were cut into the ceiling to accommodate turner bars for delivering the web to a folder on the floor above,” Goss said in a statement.  “Extra web slots were also cut to feed an additional, future folder which has been allowed for in the configuration.”

Goss says the design of the Magnum Compact system gives the towers a lower profile without compromising print quality or performance. Easy access to blankets, rubber rollers and ink ducts enabled by the single-level towers facilitates and accelerates maintenance.

The press can print cost-effective runs of just 500 to 1000 copies, the company says, which provides an alternative to using a digital printer. It can handle runs of up to 250,000.

The Staten Island Advance is published by Advance Publishing, which runs mastheads across the US. The newspaper was established in 1886.

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