Hey, big spenders spend a lot of time in print

Some 5 million Australians read seven or more newspapers a week – that’s three in ten consumers aged 14+. emma data showthese heavy newspaper readers are heavy spenders across some key categories.

Five million heavy readers are heavy spenders

For example, they are planning to spend an average of $31,700 on their next car, $2500 more than the average Australian.
When it comes to travel, heavy newspaper readers are more likely to travel in style. They are 17 percent more likely to fly business class domestically and 28 percent more likely to travel business class internationally.
Businesses involved in investment properties will find a strong customer base in heavy newspaper readers. They are 7 percent more likely to invest in a second property, be it a holiday home or investment property. emma data also shows that heavy newspaper readers are a social bunch. They are more likely to go for a drink (+14%) in a local hotel or pub, go to a gallery or exhibition (+22%) and 31 percent more likely to go to the theatre.

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