Flight Centre

This newspaper ad from Flight Centre is most likely to drive consumers online to find out more about the offer.

Key findingsFlight Centre

  • Flight Centre’s newspaper ad tests very well against retail metrics, and as a ‘bonus’, delivers highs scores for Affinity and Extension.
  • The ad delivers a lot of content and is recognised as ‘cluttered’ but this does not affect its performance negatively.
  • The communication is most likely to send people to the web for more information, which is an additional step in the consumer’s path to purchase than in pre-internet times (where they would’ve gone in-store or phoned to find out more).
  • It would be interesting to know how Flight Centre measures where their incoming Web traffic comes from, or any lag as to inquiries in store or over the phone as a result of advertising.
  • Message comprehension outtakes strongly support Flight Centre’s long time positioning of delivering cheap flights and holiday deals.

Download full results of Flight Centre March 2011 Creative Benchmarking research below.