Global: mobile tool to re-engage distracted users

Global: mobile tool to re-engage distracted users

The Washington Post has launched a new feature designed to encourage distracted or inactive readers to further engage with the US masthead’s content.

Called “Re-engage”, it provides personalised content recommendations to mobile users when they show signs of inattentiveness, like rapid swiping past content or not interacting with it at all.

“How a consumer engages with our apps, mobile web and site experiences builds the foundation to the products we produce, especially on the advertising side,” Jarrod Dicker, The Washington Post’s director of ad product and engineering, wrote in a blog post.

Recommendations on the new feature will later be available for sponsorship and branded content promotion, although because it provides information on user behaviour it will be released on various sections of the newspaper for a/b testing.

US journalists released in Bahrain

Four American journalists have been released from Bahrain after being arrested earlier this week, accused of participating in an illegal gathering, according to their families.

The Persian Gulf island nation said four US citizens was arrested on Sunday while they were “participating with a group of saboteurs who were carrying out riot acts” in a Shi’ite village east of the capital.

Demonstrators in the village have recently clashed with security forces as the country marked the five-year anniversary of the Arab Spring protests, according to Reuters.

Freelancer Anna Day and her camera crew were identified by their lawyer and advocacy group Reporters without Boarders.

“We are grateful to the Bahraini authorities for their speedy resolution of the issue and to the US Embassy in Bahrain and State Department officials who worked tirelessly to assist the group,” the families said in their statement.

Reddit hires first head of journalism and media

Twitter’s former news manager Mark S. Luckie has been hired by Reddit as its first head of journalism and media.

The move by the popular social and news site, where users publish content and vote to determine its editorial placement, follows the advances of other digital platforms like Snapchat and Facebook into news and news curation.

Mr Luckie told that his new role entailed working with media and government organisations to understand their needs and use of the platform in order to make the site more accessible to a broader community.

Mr Luckie left Twitter in May last year and is behind daily news digest “Today in #BlackTwitter”.

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