Global: NYT eyes Australian expansion

The New York Times is investigating whether it might expand operations to Australia as part of an ongoing, $50 million global growth strategy.

Canada is also on its target list, according to Politico.

NYT would follow publishers such as The Guardian, Huffington Post, Daily Mail and Buzzfeed who publish local content online.

Guardian sells time-based ads

Advertisers can now buy ads on The Guardian’s properties based on lengths of time an ad is seen by a reader.

This billing technique is in trial and may be rolled out to Australia.

The Financial Times and The Economist have also experimented with the time-based ad model.

Commercial director at The Guardian, Nick Hewat, told Digiday the offering was part of the company’s “fewer, better ads strategy”.

“It develops our thinking that not all ad impressions are the same,” he said.

“This isn’t a one-off problem solver; it’s part of an ongoing objective to deliver more tangible results for our clients.”

Goodnight Gawker

Digital news site Gawker will close at the end of this week, after it was driven to bankruptcy with a high-profile privacy lawsuit involving wrester Hulk Hogan.

The decision to shut the scandal-ridden site comes days after Univision successful bid $135 million to purchase Gawker Media Group’s six other websites which include Deadspin and Jezebel.

Staffers will be assigned to editorial roles at Gawker’s other properties, or elsewhere in Univsion, according to a statement published on the site.

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