Global round-up: Methode used for tablet magazine

Global round-up: Methode used for tablet magazine

French daily newspaper Le Figaro has launched a new tablet-based periodical focused on providing long-form journalism in a rich multimedia environment, using an Eidos Methode publishing system.

The almost 50-page digital magazine carries in-depth analysis and features accompanied by photo galleries, videos, infographics and animations.

The launch edition of Le Figaro Grands Formats was motivated by the desire to prove hard-hitting, detailed journalism can be successfully presented in digital media.

“It’s an impressive example of what high-level journalism can do with the right technological resources,” said Massimo Barsotti, chief marketing officer of EidosMedia.

The digital magazine is published on the iPad and is created using the same Eidos Methode digital publishing platform Le Figaro uses for its daily editions.

Edios Methode is the platform used by News Corp Australia for multi-platform publishing.

Apple launches news app

Apple’s much anticipated news app launched in the US this week as part of the technology company’s iSO 9 iPhone operating system upgrade.

More than 50 major publishers have so far signed up to the app, including New York Times, Washington Post, Buzzfeed, Quartz and ESPN.

News is an all-in-one platform where publishers can distribute their content and display their own ads, retaining 100 per cent of the revenue.

Publishers can also let Apple book advertising for them using the platform iAd, where content-makers will receive a 70 per cent cut of revenue.

The app can also send news alerts and headlines to the Apple Watch. Users can then save articles to read later on their iPhone.

41 journalists banned from the Ukraine

At least 41 international journalists and bloggers have received a one year ban from the Ukraine, following a decree signed by the country’s president, Petro Poroshenko.

According to news report, the banned-group were among 338 people named as representing an “actual or potential threat to national interests, national security, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine”.

BBC’s Steve Rosenberg and Emma Wells have been barred from entering the country in what BBC foreign editor Andrew Roy described as “a shameful attack on media freedom”.

“These sanctions are completely inappropriate and inexplicable measures to take against BBC journalists who are reporting the situation in Ukraine impartially and objectively,” Mr Roy said in a statement to The Guardian.

Associated Press launches style guide e-book

The Associated Press Stylebook and Briefing on Media Law has finally been launched as an interactive e-book, following years of requests by readers.

While the stylebook has previously been available as a PDF, the interactive e-book will feature an 85-page dynamic index that allows journalists to search via concepts and themes when looking for words or definitions.

The 2015 edition consists of more than 5000 entries and includes about 300 new or revised listings.

AP’s style guide and reference book has been regularly updated since 1953.

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