Global round-up: Times to charge one ad rate

Global round-up:  Times to charge one ad rate

The Times of London will charge the same rates for advertising on its tablet edition as in the print edition, News UK has announced.

The decision follows an agreement with major advertising agencies, according to the Press Gazette media news website.

Advertising rates on tablet editions have traditionally been far lower than those offered in the print product.

News UK conducted eyeball tracking and brain activity research last year to determine the effectiveness of tablet ads. The decision to increase rates for tablet edition advertising is based on this research, Press Gazette reports.

A broader piece of research known as Project Footprint measured readers’ attention to branded ads on tablet editions, mentioning brands in real-life conversations, conducting web searches and buying products.

In an interview with Press Gazette, News UK commercial managing director Paul Hayes said the average time spent on The Sunday Times app one recent week was 67 minutes, which compares favourably with print.

Both print and tablet editions now have the same cost-per-thousand advertising rate, with reductions because of the fact that some readers switch between tablet and print.

Trinity Mirror ordered to pay hacking victims

A UK high court judge has ordered British publisher Trinity Mirror to pay GBP1.2m in privacy damages over hacking of the voicemail systems of public figures.

Eight victims will receive the compensation, including actress Sadie Frost, former soccer player Paul Gascoigne and soap opera stars Lucy Taggart, Shane Richie and Shobna Gulati.

Ms Frost alone will receive GBP188,250.

The judge described phone hacking at Trinity Mirror as “widespread and frequent.”

Trinity Mirror has increased its compensation fund from GBP12m to GBP28m, The Guardian reports.

Four Daily Mirror journalists have been arrested and 14 have been interviewed to date.

Trinity Mirror chief executive Simon Fox told The Guardian the company is considering appealing against the size of the payouts.

BBC reporters arrested over Qatar coverage

A BBC News crew of four people was arrested by Qatari security forces while reporting on abuse of migrant workers building facilities for the 2022 World Cup.

The pair had permission to report in the country and had been invited by the Prime Minister’s office on a tour of new accommodation for the workers. An investigation by The Guardian last year exposed slave-like conditions for workers and the Qatari government has been trying to clean up its image.

However the government accused the crew of trespassing, and arrested them while the group was travelling to film a group of workers from Nepal in their accommodation. BBC middle east correspondent Mark Lobel, his cameraman, a driver and a translator were all taken into custody.

After two nights of imprisonment for no stated reason, the crew was released. Oddly, they were allowed to join the press trip for which they had come.

“We are pleased that the BBC team has been released, but we deplore the fact that they were detained in the first place,” the BBC said in a statement.

Newsroom mental health focus of Huffington Post series

The Huffington Post has published the first two parts of a five-part feature series looking at journalists’ mental health and how newsrooms deal with trauma and stress.

“Journalism is a male-dominated profession, and the same frat-house ethos that treats drug and alcohol abuse as cool also discourages us from speaking frankly and openly about trauma we experience on the job,” writer Gabriel Arana said in the first piece.

“We cope in different ways. But the image of the chain-smoking, heavy-drinking reporter exists for a reason.”

Media news website Poynter said The Huffington Post had suggested, but not yet proved, “significant mental health issues in newsrooms.”

Poynter also noted that first instalment had highlighted the lack of data around the mental health of journalists, which would make the argument difficult to prove.

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