Hallway creates masterpieces

To announce the launch of emma (Enhanced Media Metrics Australia), the new cross-platform audience insights survey, The Readership Works appointed The Hallway to create a national campaign across print and online.

emma has been created to deliver a more complete picture of the way people engage with newspaper and magazine content across platforms, enabling media strategists and brands to develop more lifelike consumer profiles.

To demonstrate the power of emma, The Hallway decided to put the survey into the the hands of cutting edge thinkers within the industry and let them explore emma for themselves. The Readership Works invited some of the industry’s leading media strategists including Ally Cooney, Head of Digital at TMS, Ian Czencz, Head of Strategy at MATCH Media, Paul Den, Strategy Manager at UM Australia, Mat Rawnsley, Channel Planner at The Monkeys, Rob Pyne, Founder of X or Y Decisions and Dominic McCarthy, Insights Director at Naked Communications, to use the survey to create bespoke, individual consumer profiles.

The Hallway then brought the profiles to life by manipulating and rendering data captured with Microsoft’s Kinect motion capture technology, originally developed for the Xbox. The end result is a series of print ads and online films that portray emma users as creators of consumer profiles that are more lifelike than ever.

The “data driven masterpieces” campaign runs nationally from 19thAugust.

Simon Lee, Creative Partner, The Hallway said: “To tell the story of what users can achieve with emma,  we created what are, in effect, mini artist testimonials. Our subjects describe the profiles they have created with the same intimacy with which an actor might talk about a character they are interpreting in a film. And visually, we’ve explored the rich field of data-art with a spectrum of different manipulations of Kinect motion capture footage.”

Lucia Elliott, Marketing Director, The Newspaper Works said:“What better way to demonstrate the power of emma than by putting it in the hands of those dedicated to creating compelling consumer portraits for their clients every day.  emma has been developed using the most innovative methodology and technology, so it’s only fitting that our marketing campaign also draws on the freshest data-based techniques to show that emma really is the next generation in audience insights.”


Creative Partner: Simon Lee

Head of Art: Dave Lidster

Senior Copywriter: Josh Aitken

Group Account Director: Vicky Munro

Project Director: Samantha Teoh

Project Manager: Simon Lesch

Director: Simon Robson

Production Company: Good Stuff

Post Production: Colours and Numbers

Producer: Esme Fisher

Marketing Director: Lucia Elliott


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