Herald Ad Challenge puts readers behind the camera

Herald Ad Challenge puts readers behind the cameraAPN NZ Sales Director Donna Gurney, far left, with the winning FCB team, left to right: Duncan Timlin, Regan Grafton, Michelle Koome, Tony Clewett, Kevin Walker, Melina Fiolitakis, Derek Lindsay

An advertising campaign that gives readers the opportunity to be photojournalists has won the New Zealand Herald Advertising Challenge.

FCB agency took out the title with its brief for its client Sony, which promotes the launch of Sony’s new a6000 camera.

As part of the campaign, readers will be able to join professional photographers on assignment and have their photos, taken by the Sony a6000, considered for use in the Herald.

“We want to showcase the creative attributes in the way the Herald can be used in the increasingly complex media world we’re in,” APN New Zealand’s director of sales David Hoath said of the competition.

As a purely creative contest, the Ad Challenge gave creatives a “blank-sheet approach, rather than being constrained by a client or a budget,” he said. “It gives agencies an opportunity to really engage their grey matter around what we can do.

“However, a significant part of this prize is to publish – to make it really happen.”

Mr Hoath said FCB’s Sony entry “really nailed it,” in this sense.

“FCB for me stood out from the rest because it really thought hard about one of the key characteristics of our medium – photography. In particular, the power of user-generated content and its relationship with photography.

“We’re empowered these days through smartphones – everyone can take photos and submit them, but this took that idea to another level. What if we gave you a tool and assignments in which to use that tool in a real photojournalistic sense? That got to the heart of what we stood for.”

“Technology allows us to be capable of great photos. There are no barriers – any one of our readers could become a great sport or current affairs photographer. The FCB campaign got to the heart of one of the pillars of our business and holds high appeal to our readers.”

The journey from brief to reality is in progress for the FCB campaign, with promotions in the pipeline that will invite readers to work with Herald photographers in the field, “living a day in the life of one of our photographers,” Mr Hoath said. “It’s an opportunity to become a genuine contributor in a photo sense to the Herald brand, regardless of genre. It could be fashion, sport, politics.”

Above all, it will be about giving readers the chance to “get out and actually use the camera, experiment and see what it can do and, all being well, have their work showcased in one of our products,” he said. “It’s a really exciting idea that will really engage our readers.”

Along with the $250,000 of rate card media to bring the campaign to life this year, two members of the winning team will fly to Rome for the Festival of Media Global 2014.

They will document their trip on Stoppress and the APN NZ Media Facebook page over the coming weeks.

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